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When the execution is everything…
This is one of those examples where the idea has been done 1000 times in different categories. Said that this is also the prime example of what a director and production house bring to the table. They transformed an old and used idea into a fun little crafted piece. Kudos for the client and agency for the consistent work on fiber one, its very refreshing and congrats to director and production company for taking this spot to a memorable place.

The editing, casting and acting on the spot are not only right on but are brilliantly done and directed to give a fun and engaging performance.

Mesmerizing and epic. It reminds me in tone a little to some of the work W+K did for Levis and the Go Forth campaign.
It’s really cool to see this type of communication to sell beds. The concept is great, the execution is impeccable from casting, color, editing, music, v.o… just beautiful.
It also helps and shows the power of brand building. Ikea has been not only a very smart business but also a very smart and bold advertiser. Cheers to Mother, Juan Cabral, Ikea and the rest of the team that made this commercial.

As a very cool extra I found a look at how it was produced.

Be…. Be a rock… Bedrock? Berocca? WHAT? That was my reaction when I saw this spot the other day watching the morning news. First I thought it was a promo for a new show but as the spot finished I was left dumbfounded. What did I just see? an infomercial? promo? ad? spoof? Joke? Congratulations to agency and client for producing such a fun memorable spot. How did they get Joel McHale or should I say how much did it cost to get him? Either way he plays a perfect character for this spot that spoofs while sells the claimed qualities of energy drinks like 5hr energy. It is a smart way to exaggerate and have some fun in a category that seems to be taking themselves a little too clinical and serious.
Now to the shortcomings of the execution: My complaint here is that it seems this concept and execution looked and felt bigger. It just seems it was shouting for a bigger activation and interaction platforms. Maybe something a little more immersive as “The Fun Audit” by Trident

Here is Berocca’s website with no mention of the new campaign. In fact a website that is bland, boring and in very different tone and style. A disconnect and big mistake now a days for brands. Consistency in message, tone and style is pivotal in building a relationship with your consumer.

Their Facebook page reflects a lazy and bad approach to release and tease the campaign. They “tease” you with some boring screen shots to know their new leader and then they post the same TV spot that aired. A huge missed opportunity in my opinion.

Let me shock you because I can do it.
I am a big fan of shock used for the right reasons and the right way. This in my opinion is not one of them. From the beginning of the spot you can see how the story and execution are predictable. You almost can tell scene-by-scene what is going to happen and when it reaches the end, they deliver the surprise. Their surprise or “twist” is just to shock the fuck out of you with a somehow distasteful and just gratuitous scene. A scene dedicated to hammer a number as the most important thing they could find to communicate: a classroom of kids a year dies for speeding. Unfortunately for agency and client there is not a redeeming factor in this spot from idea, strategy, production values or execution… they all fall flat.
Instead of delivering a new insight or really try to engage us by creating an amazing piece of film that captures your heart the opted for a cheap and in my opinion bad executed old trick: shock value.
Sometimes I think this trick should be added to the saying: “When you lack of a concept add a baby, a monkey or a puppy. They can sell anything.

Fucking music…
This spot for All State is a perfect example of amazing use of music. The song is great and the version used is soothing yet intriguing. I discovered this spot watching the world cup in Univision. I stood up to get a beer and some snacks in half time when I hear the song. It was so cool and different to what I had been hearing through out the first half of the game that it literally made me leave my kitchen to see what it was.

As always being a creative, yes I would’ve executed it differently. I think the visual aspect is not up to par with the music and message but it is still a solid spot. Kudos to Alma DDB and All State for this spot.

If you want to see a better example of use of music on a spot please take a look at this other link. This example is one where music is perfect and the visual story telling part is up to the same par.

So here are some pretty cool posters for the Dr. Dre BEATS world cup campaign. The production is dope and the design is solid.
But here is the thing; to me they feel contrived for the following reasons. First one is that I totally missed that the film was a trailer for a movie… and if that is not the case then why the movie poster look and feel?
And if you did go to the extent of creating them, maybe they should’ve have some variations in the executions where you each one portrays they own personal ritual of getting psyched. If they did try, the poses and cropping are too similar. Right now they are looking more like posing than really showing and sharing an intimate and powerful moment.

Beating Nike at their own game… nicely done Dr. Dre and RGA.
Let’s be honest there is really nothing new here to see: a film that captures the moments before an important match. It’s been done 1000 times from the most amazing film to the biggest flops in commercial history. It’s category in which Nike has set up the bar pretty damn high. And funny enough the year I thought their effort was not as good as years past** (see link to earlier entry) here comes a fairly new comer to the TV arena, Dr Dre, with an agency more known for it’s digital chops, RGA, and hit a fucking home run out of the park… really out. From the talent, the shots, the build up and story telling to the choice of music and style of editing it’s a magnificent piece of film.
The only critique I would have for them is the following. The spot clearly feels like a world cup commercial since 95% of the talent are world renown futbol players but yet they manage to squeeze in there a couple of American athletes and celebs like Lebron, Serena and Little Wayne to name a few. So why then pollute this version and in a way that makes it a tad less linear and direct. Yes they add star value and power… but at the cost of surprise and longevity if you ask me. I think strategically it would’ve made more sense to create specific spots around “American sports and culture” and reveal those after or separately to emphasize other events like Roland Garros, US Open, NBA finals, music festivals, etc.
I am curious and have great expectations to see the rest of the components for this campaign and will research to see what I find.
So, Kudos to RGA and Dr. Dre for an amazing spot that definitely gets a “I wish I did it”


Look up you might see a pig flying. Take a look at a Brazil 2014 World Cup TV spot by Nike without a single super star. Really! I am not messing with you and by the way it’s brilliant. If you are a soccer fan I am sure you will relate as the spot keeps going you bound to identify with at least one of the situations. It’s a great spot based on a simple and true insight of the world cup: For all of us futbol fans around the world every four years we all live in only one time zone.

When advertising goes down the shit hole… literally. I love seeing advertising leave it’s traditional mediums and expand into new and different places, after all we are creatives right. I love the idea of bringing this brand and product to the bathroom since its one of the last places where we are in contact with actual paper. The only thing better is if it would’ve been printed on the actual TP for obvious timing and readability… though
I know this has been done is similar ways, shapes and forms I think that this execution and application is quite brilliant and right on strategy.

Flaunt your strengths unapologetically. This is what happens when you are not afraid to embrace what you stand for. Not so long ago Ford parodied and made fun of a Cadillac TV spot for being obnoxiously petulant and elitist. Weird critique for being true to themselves if you ask me… especially when they are talking to completely different targets. A more fair comparison would’ve been their Lincoln brand against Cadillac… but that is a different debate. See link for the spots discussed above.



Back to this one… in my opinion is not only right on strategy for the target and demo they are talking to but it’s a memorable and relatable too. No it’s not based on a human experience per se, but I assure you that the demo targeted can totally relate to the movie scenes in the spot, relate to them and see the logic evolution of where they are going.
They communicate the idea simply and in a memorable way not trying to bombard us with a wide arrange of messages or selling points.
Marvelously executed, it gets a “I wish I did it”. From the casting, look, style to the choice of music piece this spot is a winner in my opinion.

The most amazing, epic and probably expensive turd you have ever seen. How did this ever get to the production is beyond me. It is gratuitous and shallow with no message or strategy. I am blown away that so many athletes agreed to this… I mean their status surely gives them some say in creative. Anyhow, enjoy the high production values as you waste 4:16 seconds of bad acting, no plot, zero message and a somehow antiquated and boring view of the future/space. Samsung, congratulations you just managed to produce the single worst commercial in world cup history.

Do you remember your first kisses? The anticipation? The uncertainty? When brands can associate human emotions that trigger memories they can create more meaningful and lasting relationships with their costumers…granted they are backed by quality, service and all other factors so critical for today’s social mobile costumers.
The film is amazing; I can perfectly remember the feeling of anxiety and panic before a first kiss. The way they connected that feeling and translated it into a leap of faith was brilliant. It is a perplexing piece of film that in a category full of pretty shiny things cuts through the clutter by actually having an idea and a strategy to communicate. Life is a beautiful sport may not be ground breaking platform in itself but I have never seen it applied to an apparel brand. By putting life in the same playing field of a sport they have open the door to talking about the wardrobe and gear used to being a winner. So who better that fitting you for achieving success in the biggest sport of them all than a classic European sports brand like Lacoste. Cheers to the brand and BETC Euro for a great campaign, they definitely get a “I wish I did it”

This campaign also has print and OOH executions as far as I know. And all these are beautifully done and art directed as well. I will post them in a separate entry; unfortunately Tumblr doesn’t allow me to combine media.

Other online components:

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