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And let me begin by saying I am pro women rights, equal pay and hell I think the world would be a lot better if women ran it in general.
But since when is motherhood and a job the same thing? It is in my opinion one of the most amazing myths or “insights” we have created in advertising. We need to understand that they are two completely different things that happen to BOTH require very very hard work. It’s like comparing getting a masters degree in astrophysics at MIT and achieving nirvana… both very demanding and hard but completely different.
I believe this perception of motherhood and our need to validate “stay at home moms” came from our older misogynistic views. And yes some of those views are still alive and well but I also believe we have moved away from those extreme views too. I think that as an industry we can find new insights and ways to tell, celebrate and elevate the story and place of motherhood in our lives and society.

On another note, this idea was done by my friends at Grupo Gallegos little over a year ago… I still think we can do better by moms and families.

Brand repositioning miracle or over promising on delivery? I personally think that repositioning a brand like Miracle Whip is not that simple. In my opinion there has to be something more drastic to change perceptions and reposition a product in the mind of the consumer, especially when you are dealing with flavor and taste.
Miracle whip would benefit with the addition of spicy, bold flavors in combination with product innovation in packaging to give the backbone and validity to this vision and campaign.

Now I have to be honest I love the tone; style and look of the new miracle whip spots. They really sell me a new attitude and new approach but unfortunately they do it with the exact same product and there is where the problem lies. I have tried miracle whip and it s weird tangy dressing that doesn’t live up the expectation. So it’s like telling me that all of a sudden because a bunch of muscle car looking enthusiasts buys VWs’ they have become a brand that communicates horsepower, speed and strength… I don’t think so.


The best kitchen equipment commercial ever!!! Wait a minute… it’s actually a food commercial for Lurpak. And what is Lurpak? Well no idea. I had to Google it. They make butter in lots of flavors and presentations.

Unfortunately they missed a great opportunity… I consider myself a target for these products: I am the median age, median income and consider myself an amateur chef (whatever that means) so instantly I reacted to it.
So on the good side, kudos to agency, director, production house and client for making one of the coolest, most memorable and well executed food spots I have seen lately. It’s visually stunning, with a simple story line told in a unique and different way.

Now the problem here is, they failed to really explain and deliver who they are and what the product was. The first time around I thought they were the new competition for Wolf or Subzero as the new top of the line appliances… but they were not.
From my POV it all begins with the name. In my opinion sit sounds more like an object than an edible; I can see a big holding company or a package / packing company when I hear Lurpak, but butter? Total disconnect if you ask me. Point to learn: Naming is very important.
The other problem I see is that through out the whole spot they really never drive the message of who they are and rely entirely on the build up, the anticipation and momentum which they do superbly. Unfortunately I reach the end of the commercial and like I stated in the beginning, I was left confused. I honestly think the spot can be improved immensely by tweaking the copy and weaving into the build up more about who the brand is and their mission.

I leave you to be the judge… either way, ENJOY an amazingly well executed spot.

Simple… This is what happens when a project is executed by the right person. Jonathan Glazer…. you are a master.
It doesn’t feel like a generic spot, it’s powerful, engaging and beautifully executed. The build up and conclusion are great and the production values are amazing. Ok, ok , ok, ok… (channeling my Joe Pesci) if I have to be completely honest you could slap the Adidas logo there too…. but still at least its limited to only 2 brands and not like some car and brand commercials which could not be more generic and dull.

Shock is the easiest and cheapest trick in the advertising world but once in a while it’s used in the right context and way. I hope this video catches on and people see it. For some reason there is this stigma that abusers of women are this ogres and monsters when they could be your next-door neighbors. Kudos to the creatives and hopefully brands and organizations can jump behind. I hope this is the spark of a movement to not put a face but to show all the faces of abuse.

Not groundbreaking but definitely attention grabbing. Oh I miss this kind of work. It’s a fun great visual interpretation of the concept. The production is impeccable and beautiful which is fundamental for this concept to work. The composing, casting, art direction, lighting are all done magnificently.
With print you get one chance, and one chance only to captivate, grab your audience and tell your story and now a days very few brands and agencies are doing great campaigns for it. Unlike film where there are so many variables that can make or break a production and then there are the things that can be done in post (no, not the famous fix it post saying) like editing, framing and color correcting to change the way a story is told. They get a ” I wish I did it”

America the hateful… I cannot believe that the same people who claim they are descendants of the founders of this country and to be immigrants themselves are the biggest detractors and haters. If people cannot see how we have changed as a country over the years and generations and how it’s not a damn language that defines us or unites us. It is the passion and desire for freedom, peace and quest for opportunity and happiness. There is much more than a fucking language to the United States and it saddens me to hear and see these reactions… really makes me think we might be seeing the beginning of the end of a great country, system and way of living.

Now this one is a really interesting experiment. A very smart use of social media and digital media to promote and inundate the web and attempt to own something you don’t. Great strategy and vision. I really hope they create a case study after that shows not only the success online but of the cost comparison against impressions and buzz. Kudos to Newcastle and Droga 5


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